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Ho/Pe Advisory's Hossein Houssaini has been shortlisted in the NEO IO Award 2020, presented by Adzine. 


Global Top 50 Advertising & Marketing Leaders

Hossein Houssaini, Founder of Ho/Pe Advisory, is among Top 50 Marketing & Advertising Leaders 2019 at the annual MADcon Conference & Awards in Dubai. He has earned this prestigious nomination for his contribution to the field of marketing and advertising.

MADcon is for all those passionate souls who live and breathe marketing. As a forum which unites marketing aficionados, they aim to offer a platform where like-minded people can come together and quench their thirst for knowledge. The 50+ speakers, who are specialists in their respective fields, will uncover strategic insights to help you establish your position in the minds of your target audience. To satiate the inquisitiveness of curious marketers, MADcon offers unparalleled opportunities for meaningful conversations and in-depth learning. These three days at MADcon are for those who are yearning to explore the depths of marketing to build and strengthen their brand.


Hossein makes shortlist for industry award. Havas Group's Hossein Houssaini has been shortlisted in the highly coveted 'Ad Tech Personality of the Year' award 2017 & 2018, run by ExchangeWire. Previous winners of this prestigious award include Joanna Burton, VP Strategy, SpotX, and Jay Stevens, Chief Revenue Officer, Adform.

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