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Piscari Insights: Hossein Houssaini - Programmatic Advertising

Piscari Insights: Hossein Houssaini - Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising and where is it leading us? In this episode of the Piscari Insights series, I discuss where programmatic advertising has come from and where it’s going with Hossein Houssaini. Hossein Houssaini has worked in the advertising industry for over 18 years and successfully filled various leadership roles for adtech / martech and media companies in strategy, business development, commercialisation and operations. Hossein believes that integrity, culture & empathy are fundamental assets for solid leadership. The acceleration in technology and automation of processes and data is essential but we shouldn't underestimate the human factor & creativity to drive change. Hossein's dedication to solving challenges through clever thought-leadership and close collaboration with people by considering that all ideas, opinions and approaches can be relevant helps him observe, analyse and support quickly. Today success can only occur with an appreciation for the individual. In this episode of Piscari Insights we discuss: 0:00 - Intro 3:10 - Where programmatic advertising come from and where it's going 5:15 - The essence of programmatic 11:33 - Google and the demise of the cookie 17:55 - Controlling the diversity of thinking 21:47 - Creativity makes the difference 23:40 - Where will programmatic advertising be in three years? 31:30 - The rate of organisational change 34:42 - The importance of confidence 37:00 - The ability to communicate in a structured and logical way 41:00 - What marketing agencies should be doing around the programmatic landscape Thank you to Hossein for taking the time to share his experiences and expertise.
Christmas 2020
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