Don't think outside the box, 
Think like there is NO box!

Let's find out together how I can help you, whether it is for your event, strategic advice or training.


Identify your challenges early for your growth strategy. Collaborate with a partner that assists you to plan your launch or market entry, lay out a strategy to position your company or product.

We can assist with the following:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Business plan analyses

  • Market Research/ Growth

  • Product Development

  • Diversification

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Giving good advice is never easy, and it should not be! It takes analytical and practical skills, good experience and a positive attitude with the desire to help. 
Challenges many times have similar patterns, but can be solved with diverse approaches. It is vital that you listen to your counterpart before you start doing anything. 
Work along with a partner who adapts quickly to help you move forward and accomplish your goals.

We support with the following:

  • Digital Transformation

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Product Strategy/ Roadmap

  • Narrative - Story

  • Pitch support

  • Commercialisation

  • Technology Audit

  • Positioning




Helping people is based on listening first and then asking the right questions to offer a possible method then to improve their skill or mindset. 
Training should not be a presentation only, but an interactive exchange between people where openness and the desire to learn are giving new perspectives in problems -solving, product, development and placement or commercial strategies.
I do nothing else in my workshops where I offer simplified sessions for digital transformation, programmatic and digital marketing. Meet your goals by enhancing your knowledge, attitude and rethink your current approaches.

We deliver the following training & workshops:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Programmatic

  • Digital Transformation

  • Digital Strategy

  • In-housing

  • Marketing Technology