Don't think outside the box, 
Think like there is NO box!

Let's find out together how I can help you, whether it is for your event, strategic advice or training.

HHAuswahl Hossein Dec 2018, credit Raima
HHAuswahl Hossein Dec 2018, credit Raima
HHAuswahl Hossein Dec 2018, credit Raima


TED Talks have not only made inspiring keynotes sociable, but they have also taken them to a new level. Experts, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and entertainers talk in less than 20 minutes about a topic that is important to them. They change opinions, move and inspire people. I can achieve that as well. Just not in less than 20 minutes. Maybe 21!


A person or a company to consult is never easy, and it should not be! It takes skills, experience and a positive attitude to keep track. Most challenges have similar patterns and can be solved with different approaches. It is crucial that you listen to your opponent before you start doing anything. Therefore, a consultant requires the desire for knowledge, patience and a good ear, and the talent to apply this knowledge.


Helping people is based on listening first and then asking the right questions. I do nothing else in my workshops. It is not about to present ready-made models or solutions. In particular for digital transformation and programmatic, there is no manual. You have to work your way piece by piece. It's about your goals and to understand how these solutions can solve your challenges and not about convincing you with my views.

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